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What is a Affiliate program:
Basically, an Affiliate program is a free registration. You join our program for FREE. All you require is a website of your own to earn passive income. And if you do not have a website we have that covered for you too!

Our IT Support Company: Site Sculptor (Gary Simons) has generously offered to create a one page website in a day for you at a ridiculously low R 3900.00. (T&C’s apply). For this you will have a functioning website within a day. You can have up to 20 products listed on your website, included in the above price. If your require more products to be listed you can negotiation with Gary a labour cost to do this. But that is not all…. If you are a practitioner and would like YOUR OWN website to also cover your modality Gary can add this into the same website for you. All in One!

Register as an Affiliate and get your link setup
Your affiliate pay gate is set up
Your website set up for you.
Have chosen our products you wish to sell and they have been uploaded to your new website
Then all you do is share and spread the word OF HEALTH through your social media and your contacts.
Encourage your followers to share and spread the information to go to your website and purchase the items they require
How does it work?
Once you have your website, have registered with us as a affiliate, your chosen products listed on your website, then we will provide a full affiliate link to you and your website. The clients will log into your website and browse. They then chose a product and automatically it will send then to our web page. The clients will purchase through our website and pay us. With your affiliate link in place ,your 20 % commission is automatically paid to your pay gate system. WE will then do all the work for you and send the parcel to the client ourselves. So all you do is advertise your website and encourage people to buy.

As a Affiliate your clients will have access to all the information they require off our website. They can read all the articles and pass comments if they like. The main aim of these articles, due to popular demand and requests from the public, is to help each individual better understand the conditions they are suffering from. In ascertaining what the root causes are of their conditions, and then being empowered to make permanent changes and heal themselves. This enables each individual to take back the power of their own health, it strengthens their trust of how miraculous the physical form is and it innate ability to heal itself once given the correct tools to do so. We are inviting you to share these articles with your family, friends and/or clients and encourage them to participate in the dissemination of information, to start a conversation around the relevant topics, share experiences and have a reliable source of pure products available to them.

It is our sincere mission to re-equip humanity with the tools that have long been forgotten, to crack open belief structures that steal away our power of self-reliance, dis-empowerment and fear. We are awakening to a new dawn of health, that of empowerment, self-reliance, education and true wealth…. our health. We are here to live life to its fullest experience ….not to survive life and its conditions.