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 Enjoy discounted courses for months of March and April 2024. 

Normal Price: R15 000.00 per course

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Future Courses Intermediary

Intermediary: Dr Hulda Clark Course

Intermediary: The Art of Herbology Course

Both Intermediary Courses will be : Physiology and Anatomy

Taking  a deep dive into the human body.



Future courses advanced

Advanced Dr Hulda Clark

This courses will fill out your Dr Hulda Clark knowledge and collateral all the information into a cohesive package

Advanced The Art of Herbology

This course will combine your knowledge base into a powerful tool!


future courses bio-star business

Enrollment in our Premium Course coming soon!

You will have convenient access to the online courses, plus full training on the Bio-Star equipment and back up service. Working through this amazing knowledge base at your own pace, implement powerful cleansing and other health protocols, discovering Herba Farmacy’s products that will bring healing and vitality and enhance yours, your family’s and clients health.

Our Courses

Herba Farmacy’s Online eLearning has just launched our 1st Introduction Courses.  Further great courses on increasing your #healthwealth through Dr Hulda Clark protocols will be added in the near future.


Introduction to The Art of Herbology

Echinacea Herba Farmacy Online Courses

Dr Hulda Clark Protocols & Herbs – Introductory Course

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