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An introduction to Dr Hulda Clark’s Protocols and Herbs for radically improving your health and life.
See the course outline to see more of what you’ll be learning and implementing.

The aim of our business is to promote the safe and effective use of herbs, supplements, and Dr Hulda Clark Protocols. To this effect, we have structured a training program for persons who wish to become innovators in the field of natural health and sound healing practices. As a Therapist, you will learn about natural health and participate in our learning and research function to enable confident application.

You will be guided through our in-house training program, which provides up to date, accurate information on natural health substances and Dr Clark’s Modalities , which are safe, effective and evidence-based back by over 80 years research.

All training materials are based on evidence-based, scientific research in natural health, and are regularly updated as new developments occur. There are 3 Divisions which need to be completed – Introduction, Intermediary and Advanced, which you can study at your own pace. The average duration of our in-house training program is one -two years for all three programs.

Currently there is no better way to learn about Dr Hulda Clark Protocols as our online programs. As an online business, we can facilitate enrollment of Courses anywhere in the world. No longer do you have to scour expensive journals, obscure libraries, and myriads of books to get accurate, evidence-based information on natural health.

Study at your own pace, Anywhere, Anytime. Please take your time in completing each course. These courses are not only for training purposes but deliver a ongoing reference library that you will be able to use constantly.

The Courses have been established to provide a program for those who are unable to undertake full time studies. You may have family, careers, financial or other commitments that prevent you from participating in on-campus programs in natural health. With us the online methods you learn from in the convenience of your own home, working at your own pace, are very adaptable and convenient.

You can start the Program at any time throughout the year. Learn and Research where and when you choose! Because this course is offered electronically, you can access reference materials via PDF downloads at anytime, anywhere.

Distance learning is not for everyone. It does require self-motivation and self-discipline. However, you can set and consistently follow your own work schedule, then you may find your experience to be particularly rewarding.

Our goal is to attract Therapists from diverse backgrounds who will enhance the development and advancement of DR Hulda Clark Modalities combined with Herbology, and Devices . We are interested in cultivating the natural skills and gifts of people who are attracted to helping and educating the public. This holistic approach ensures this vocation is available to people with genuine desires to help others and learn. Research published since 1920 repeatedly indicates that correspondence or distance programs are every bit as effective as classroom training. Often, they are more effective. This may be because Therapists are able to choose subjects for which they have special interests or aptitudes, and/or because of their greater maturity and self-discipline.

The Dr Hulda Clark Therapists Program is intended:
·to provide a comprehensive understanding of DR Hulda Clark Modalities, Herbology – A holistic approach to health
·to apply sound, scientific principles to the providing of practical knowledge in Dr Clark Modalities, Herbology
·to train Therapists to practice from a focus that recognizes the uniqueness of every individual
·to prepare Therapists to work on holistic health care with trusted modalities that really work.
·to serve the public by making natural health training and free choice in health available through our programs.

The 3 Programs are designed to give each Therapist a journey of ever escalating knowledge, with self-testing modules in between.
There is one final examinations at the end of our each program.
A Thesis per program will be required to attain a 65% pass rate.
There are no predetermined graduation dates.
You may graduate as soon as you have fulfilled all the necessary requirements for the program.